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Point A to Point B

Rather than beginning with an introduction or an assessment on why my opinion matters, I thought it best to begin this blog with a description of my experience, an experience that shaped the development of Lingo LIVE.

Kathe is a Guatemalan. She lives in a small apartment in Guatemala City that she shares with two smiling children, a sleepy dog or two, her husband, and a hodgepodge of outdated yet perfectly functional computers, webcams, and lots and lots of wires. Although she is only in her early 30's, she has experienced a lot and the death of her best friend, her father, left an indelible mark that anyone who knows her well will understand.

Kathe and her ninitos Kathe and her niñitos and sobrino

She takes her kids to school in the morning, goes to her mother's house for the day, picks the kids up from school and drives home through chaotic traffic. Her day is also sprinkled with one-hour Spanish lessons, teaching foreigners her language over Skype. Kathe doesn't have a website, a sales team, terms of use, or any advanced language training. Some craigslist ads, a good grasp of English, and her hodgepodge of wires brings income, and more importantly personal fulfillment, into her life. Kathe is a teacher, bringing conversational Spanish skills to dozens of students around the world from nurses to children to corporate employees, volunteers, and students alike. She is most happy when she's logged on, face-to-face with her students worlds away. I know this because I've been her student, therapy patient, boss, and friend for over 2 years.

Jack Dorsey talks a lot about the Golden Gate Bridge. About how "design is not just visual, design is efficiency. Design is making something simple. Design is epic. Design is making it easy for a user to get from point A to point B." Our mission at Lingo LIVE is to design a system for learning that brings the cultural, educational, and personal fulfillment of one-on-one instruction to millions of students and teachers throughout the world. To bridge the gap between personalized instruction and convenient software, without sacrificing the excellent qualities of either. To figure out, as Salman Khan asks in his book The One World Schoolhouse, "how can we most effectively deploy standardized learning tools without undermining the unique gifts of teachers?"

We intend not to build complex systems and rigid structures but rather a simple forum for communication paired with fair accreditation standards that reward students and teachers alike for a determination to improve. And we begin building with Spanish. If you're interested in meeting one of our Spanish tutors or anyone on our team, click the link below and we'll be in touch soon!

Buena suerte...