The Lingo Ledger




Hundreds of thousands of people converged on Austin, Texas over the last two weeks to witness everything from discussions on outsourcing your startup to the musical melodies of Trinidad Jame$. Needless to say, it was an exhausting week. Highlights included Elon Musk's keynote address that followed the test launch of the reusable Grasshopper test rocket.


For LingoLive, the SXSWedu portion was significant as we got the opportunity to learn about developments in the EdTech, or educational technology, space. Bill Gates talked about the tipping point for the education technology market. Jessie Woolley-Wilson talked about mastery learning, adaptive learning, and how software can empower teachers through data.  And finally, Al Gore kicked off the start of SXSWInteractive by touting the importance of personalized, self-paced learning and particularly how video enables this in the 21st century. Most of it resonated with us as a company, as we aim to build the most effective online language learning platform utilizing self-paced video tutorials coupled with live one-on-one instruction with a professional tutor. There will be challenges, of course, so we try not to get ahead of ourselves. Rather, we aim to be more focused than ever on building this capability, soliciting feedback from our users, and achieving our goal, initially for Spanish, and expanding to other languages as soon as we are ready. Stay tuned!