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Muito animados... We're announcing our first new language!

After more than a year of fine-tuning our solution for Spanish, we are thrilled to announce that Lingo Live will be expanding into Brazilian Portuguese as of July 1st! We are beta-testing Portuguese at the request of Heineken, one of our largest institutional partners. After working with Heineken over the past year focusing on Spanish training for their employees, we couldn't resist their urging to expand into Portuguese with the same combination of live, one-on-one instruction and self-paced tutorial instruction. There are countless reasons to offer Brazilian Portuguese to our students, the best of which is the tremendous amount of demand met by limited supply of specialized courses in the online world.brazil_portuguese

With a new language comes challenges. We remain confident, however, that sticking to our core of hiring excellent tutors and developing world-class instructional materials to accompany lessons, will deliver an extraordinary personalized learning experience to our Portuguese students. We're announcing the beta launch of this exciting new language here in order to find out if any of you subscribers would be willing to join our Heineken guinea pigs as we roll this out.

If you are interested in learning Brazilian Portuguese and have very little to no experience at all with the language, please submit your interest here and we'll be in touch shortly to set you up with an extremely cool, intelligent, and attractive Brazilian Portuguese tutor!

If you're not interested yourself, but may know someone who is, please send them a link to this blog post so they can take advantage of this opportunity. We promise to give you a highly-personalized, authentic learning experience at no more than our cost (~50% of what you will see quoted on our website for our more developed Spanish platform). It's our way of saying thank you for your feedback which will lead to us building a great service (and to you being fluent in Brazilian Portuguese to boot!).

Muito obrigado!

The Lingo Live Team

4 fun facts about Brazilian Portuguese:

  1. Of the roughly 176 million Portuguese speakers in the world, 165 million reside in Brazil.
  2. Although very similar, Brazilian Portuguese and standard Portuguese differ not only in pronunciation and vocabulary (influenced by the presence of Spanish, Italian, German and Japanese in Brazil), but also in terms of syntax. For example, Brazilian Portuguese places object pronouns before the verb; Standard Portuguese, on the other hand, places the object pronoun after the verb.
  3. Spelling of words also differs between the two versions of the language (similar to how the Brits insist on putting an extra "i" in aluminum or a "u" in color)
  4. The written version of Brazilian Portuguese much more closely mimics standard Portuguese than spoken versions heavily influenced by foreign accents