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Instructor Spotlight: Julia Matson

Julia Matson

Julia Matson has years of experience teaching English to non-native speakers and studying language acquisition. Before joining Lingo Live in June 2014, Julia taught English in Minnesota to adult Somali refugees, tutored immigrants in North Dakota, and was an English teacher at Kaplan Language School in the Empire State Building in New York working with international adult learners. She currently resides in Costa Rica and is working on improving her Spanish as she adjusts to living in Central America.

Meet Julia Matson

I have been teaching English to adult language learners since 2008. My teaching style is centered around Communicative language teaching (CLT), where importance is placed on the interaction with my students and their ability to use real life language after a lesson.

I have taught all levels of language learners with very different backgrounds and goals, from Somali refugees learning how to read a bus schedule to international business owners wanting to improve their business English. I have taught English in the traditional classroom setting in Minnesota, North Dakota, and New York.

Currently, I am teaching English online with international adult language learners that are working to improve their business English and conversation skills. I love teaching online because I get to focus on one student at a time and create very personalized lesson plans for each student.

Advice for Students Learning a New Language

My advice for students trying to learn a new language is to have patience and be willing to take risks when speaking. There are many factors that affect one's ability to learn a language but you have to be willing to try and speak and read in the target language as often as you can in order to improve.

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