The Lingo Ledger

Your Language Learning Progress Reimagined

For the past six months, we’ve been working to design a new progress dashboard to give students timely insight into proficiency and progress. We’re excited to introduce significant improvements in how students experience their progress when learning with Lingo Live.

Here are some of the great new features and tools students will experience:

Lingo Live Dashboard - Overview

  • Students can now see how much progress they should be making over a sprint of 11 lessons. Each belt level is made up of five of these sprints, meaning a student can earn one new Lingo Live Belt Level in about 55 lessons. Each ascending belt level corresponds to a higher proficiency level. If you are unfamiliar with the belt levels in the Lingo Live curriculum, you can reference this graphic to learn more.

Lingo Live Dashboard - Skills

  • Students earn points that make up to their progress when they gain proficiency in our curriculum. After each lesson, instructors assess students on the skills and grammar that were covered.
    • Skill Points measure a student's ability to communicate in a particular situation, like ordering food from a restaurant or managing a meeting. Earning skill points ensure that students can use their language skills in real world situations.
    • Grammar Points measure a student's ability to use language rules correctly, like how to talk about the past or future. Earning grammar points ensure that students communicate accurately with precision.
  • Students can earn up to 50 points per grammar or skill to be considered a master in that competency. When students reach 40 points in a skill or grammar, we consider them proficient.
  • Our curriculum helps students steadily master skills and grammar of increasing complexity. We require students to master two skills and 1/5th of grammar in each 11 lesson sprint.


  • Our curriculum is a living document. Instructors use our curriculum to customize each lesson to every student's needs. That way, students can learn what's relevant to them, while making progress in the language overall.
  • In version 1.0 of the dashboard, students selected from a static list of topics to help personalize their lessons. Based on user feedback, we are further reimagining this experience. In this iteration of the new release, students will instead have the ability to message teachers directly in-app to provide input for each lesson. We believe this new messaging feature will lead to more dynamic and customized lessons.

Lingo Live Dashboard - Schedule

  • Students will still be able to manage their schedules with the same features and functionality that existed in version 1.0 of the dashboard.  Our scheduling feature allows students to take lessons anytime, anywhere with any trained Lingo Live instructor.

We hope this new release will help our students excel in their language learning. With these new tools and features, students will have better insight into their progress and instructors will be more informed to teach seamless and personalized lessons each time. We will continue to look to our students and instructors for guidance on what features to prioritize moving forward!