The Lingo Ledger

Instructor Spotlight: Frank Rivas



This week, we're featuring Frank Rivas in our instructor spotlight with the help of some of his students. Frank has taught English for the past six years and most recently with Lingo Live for about a year. He’s worked with a students from all over the world in various age groups and proficiency levels. Frank has a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science. He is originally from Austin, TX and currently lives in Irapuato, Mexico.

“My passion is assisting ESL students of all levels to reach their personal and career goals by gaining a mastery of the English language,” Frank said, “I put forth great effort in developing lessons that engage each student’s unique learning style.”

Advice for students learning a new language:

“I strongly believe that learning any language is exponentially more difficult if you are not having fun. With that idea in mind, practice new vocabulary words while hitting a balloon into the air, practice reading aloud from the rooftop of your building, or march around your apartment like a toy soldier and practice forming sentences aloud. The point is to make it enjoyable!”