The Lingo Ledger


By Tyler Muse / March 15, 2016 /

Lingo Live


A lot of people ask us "What's different about Lingo Live? There are so many other competitors in this space." I'll leave it to our Chief Learning Officer, Jesse Abing, to explain the nuances of our curriculum and pedagogy in a later post but at the core of what we do at Lingo Live is our mission: to connect people through learning.

This seems like such a simple concept. As we wrote in our inaugural blog post, connecting people is just a matter of bridging Point A to Point B. But as we also made it clear in that post that the personal relationship that I developed with Kathe was what motivated me to start this company. We aren't just connecting service providers and customers. Our students consistently speak to the value of the relationship they've developed with their instructor. We're connecting people on a very real level, where our students find comfort and compassion from their teacher and speak about them not just as their instructor but as a trusted friend.

With this in mind, we created the #mylingolive concept. Students share moments from their favorite Lingo Live lesson with this hashtag to speak about joyful experiences they had that could only come from connecting with another human being. My #mylingolive moment was when Kathe taught me the "palabra de Bugs Bunny" joke: the idea that when you're being truthful you put up three fingers to say "Scout's honor", but when Kathe is pulling your leg she puts up two fingers in the shape of bunny ears and says "palabra de Bugs Bunny" with a wink and a smile. It probably doesn't make sense to you, and that doesn't matter. For me it was an experience where I was learning about not just the language but a part of Kathe's culture... not to mention the fact that I laughed my ass off.

It is this personal connection through learning that we motivates us as a company. From the beginning of our engagement with prospective teachers, through how we iterate our product, all the way to how we monitor the student/teacher relationship over years of instruction, #mylingolive is about celebrating the unique culture we foster at Lingo Live of connecting people through learning.