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3 Ways to Increase Engagement in Language Training for Engineers

shutterstock_298673057Engagement is critical to the success of any language-learning program. In order to increase student engagement you must tap into their individual motivations and ensure lessons are reflective of company goals. This is especially true when providing training to engineers who are seeking to improve skills to succeed in their organization.

Motivate Students

In order to increase levels of student engagement you must understand and communicate the program goals and reasons for its implementation. How will language training impact your organization as a whole, as well as the individual learner? Make sure engineers understand the implications of not learning the target language and express what success could mean for their career development. Defining the impact of the program will increase student motivation.

Develop Relevant Lessons

Relevancy is key to student engagement. Engineers, who are learning a language to be able to move up in their company, will benefit from lessons that are tailored to their individual pain points. We’ve learned from our own students that engineers feel nervous when speaking up in group meetings, so consider developing a lesson that addresses this situation. Make sure they see the direct impact their new language skills will have on their day-to-day. Encourage employees to practice the language in real-life scenarios and set short-term goals to keep students on track. A task-based approach allows you to contextualize learning objectives in a relevant way.

Hold them Accountable

In order for a language learning program to be successful all parties involved must be held accountable. Earlier we said that it’s important to define the goals of the program before its onset, you must also ensure that participants commit to those goals. Specifically for engineers, set actionable goals that will impact the quality of their work. If your training program provides metrics, be sure to check them frequently and identify any employees who are struggling to remain engaged. Reach out to anyone who isn’t making appropriate progress right away. It’s easier to get a student back on the right track the sooner you address the issue.

When developing a language-learning program for engineers get their buy in at the beginning and show them the path to success. This will increase engagement and motivation, two factors necessary to the program’s success!

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