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Ève Doré is a French coach for Lingo Live. Favorite Lingo Live Moment: My best Lingo Live moment I remember once I was presenting a funny French Canadian song to one of my dear student. The song was about a guy who is so desperately in love with a girl that he claims that for her, he would be ready to burn his beloved checked shirt. Of course, we laughed about the non-sense of the song and it made me proud that my student could was able to make fun of that in French. Because when we laugh in another language, it is a sign that the language is no longer only in our brains but in our hearts too.

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Why I couldn’t learn a language from a software program.

By Ève Doré / October 11, 2016

I remember the exciting day my sister came back from the store with a software program to learn Spanish. That was it. We were about to speak that exotic and beautiful language fluently in no-time....

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