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3 Ways to Increase Engagement in Language Training for Engineers

By Emma Rauschkolb / May 03, 2016

Engagement is critical to the success of any language-learning program. In order to increase student engagement you must tap into their individual motivations and ensure lessons are reflective of ...

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Topics: Corporate Training, Language Learning

What Role Should Technology Play in Language Instruction?

By Emma Rauschkolb / April 08, 2016

A successful language learning program is rooted in the relationship between teacher and student. Technology plays an important role in the process, facilitating this relationship and providing a ...

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3 Key Elements of Lingo Live's Language Program

By Emma Rauschkolb / April 06, 2016

At Lingo Live we believe that language learning at its core should be about bringing people together, that’s why our mission is, “Connecting people through learning.” But what does that really mean? ...

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