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5 Tips for Managing a Remote Team

By Tyler Muse / May 12, 2016

  Remote work certainly has its benefits. From increasing your recruiting pool 200,000% to decreasing turnover by 90%, offering employees the option to work remote can significantly help your bottom ...

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By Tyler Muse / March 15, 2016

A lot of people ask us "What's different about Lingo Live? There are so many other competitors in this space." I'll leave it to our Chief Learning Officer, Jesse Abing, to explain the nuances of our ...

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2 more things I did not know about Brazil!

By Tyler Muse / May 11, 2015


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How Much Does a Monolingual Employee Cost You? Part 1: The Cost of the "Quick Fix"

By Tyler Muse / February 23, 2015

This is the first installment of a three-part series detailing the impact of corporate language training on the bottom line of multinational companies. At Lingo Live, we teach employees of ...

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One Simple Rule For Keeping Your New Year's Resolutions

By Tyler Muse / January 02, 2014


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How Rosetta Stone Buying TellMeMore Doesn't Bode Well for Language Learners

By Tyler Muse / December 11, 2013

Today, Wednesday, December 11th, Rosetta Stone announced the acquisition of Tell Me More for $28 million. What does this mean?...

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Topics: EdTech, rosetta stone, Language Learning, lingo live, livemocha, tellmemore

How Google Helpouts Could Teach Michael Bloomberg to Speak Spanish

By Tyler Muse / November 05, 2013

Google, a company whose daring ventures range from self-driving cars to prolonging death itself, announced today a platform called Google Helpouts, dubbed "a new way to get and give personalized help ...

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Topics: EdTech, google, Google Hangouts, Google Helpouts, Language Learning, Michael Bloomberg

The Best Spanish Songs

By Tyler Muse / October 09, 2013

At Lingo Live, we are often asked ‘What are the best Spanish songs?’ Here’s a definitive list from our native Spanish tutors so you can see specifics from each dialect of Spanish (e.g. Mexico, Peru, ...

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Topics: Best Spanish Songs, Culture, Spanish, Language learning

Welcome Lia, a new Lingo Live instructor from Argentina!

By Tyler Muse / June 16, 2013

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How to Conduct Guerilla Warfare... I Mean Marketing

By Tyler Muse / May 23, 2013

This is not you....

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Topics: guerilla marketing, irrelevance, Startups

Muito animados... We're announcing our first new language!

By Tyler Muse / May 14, 2013

After more than a year of fine-tuning our solution for Spanish, we are thrilled to announce that Lingo Live will be expanding into Brazilian Portuguese as of July 1st! We are beta-testing Portuguese ...

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Topics: brazil, portuguese, Language Learning, lingo live, Lingo Live, native instructor

Rosetta Stone buys LiveMocha: 5 Reasons Why This Was a Mistake (Part II)

By Tyler Muse / April 08, 2013

This is Part II of our previous blog post entitled "Rosetta Stone buys LiveMocha: 5 Reasons Why This Was a Mistake". ...

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Rosetta Stone buys LiveMocha: 5 Reasons Why This Was a Mistake

By Tyler Muse / April 04, 2013


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By Tyler Muse / March 17, 2013


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Point A to Point B

By Tyler Muse / February 13, 2013

Rather than beginning with an introduction or an assessment on why my opinion matters, I thought it best to begin this blog with a description of my experience, an experience that shaped the ...

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