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Why I couldn’t learn a language from a software program.

By Ève Doré / October 11, 2016

I remember the exciting day my sister came back from the store with a software program to learn Spanish. That was it. We were about to speak that exotic and beautiful language fluently in no-time....

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Meeting My Students In Their Work Environment: A Coach's Story

By Steven Serrano / October 07, 2016

 I wonder if in person they'll be shorter or taller than they appear on Skype video? I hope they find me thinner up close, since the camera does add 10 pounds. Ultimately, I hope our online chemistry ...

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The Origin Story of Lingo Live: Told by the teacher who inspired it all.

By Katherine Solares / October 05, 2016

Note: This article was written by Kathe Solares, the very first Lingo Live coach and our CEO's inspiration for Lingo Live. Please excuse any grammatical errors as English is not Kathe's first l ...

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