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[INFOGRAPHIC] Communication Skills and Employee (Dis)Engagement

By Jenny Tannenbaum / February 03, 2017


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Topics: Communication, Employee Engagement

5 Proven Ways to Beef Up Your Online Communication

By Guest Post: Tim Jones / December 20, 2016

Guest Post by Tim Jones. Tim is one of the founders of English Online Hub, a company focused on helping teachers excel in online education. With the advent of the internet, the world has become a ...

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Providing Leadership Training Before English Communication Training is a Waste of Time.

By Megan Harwell / November 29, 2016

With such promising individuals from all over the world working for tech companies, there is unsurprisingly a growing trend to promote from within. However, tech companies face some unique issues ...

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Topics: Communication, Leadership

A Cultural Guide to Communicating with Your French Colleagues

By Sophie Boyer / November 22, 2016

As a French person who has been living in the USA for the last 4 years, I must say that the first few months were a bit difficult for me. I had not expected all the communication issues I would ...

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A Cultural Guide to Communicating with Your Chinese Colleagues. 

By Megan Harwell / October 31, 2016

The world is changing. New technological breakthroughs are happening every day, allowing more people to  connect with each other. Whether it's via social media, Skype, or actually moving to another ...

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Managers… Help Your Team Members Improve Their English - Part 1 

By Kat Ramage / October 26, 2016

Set Clear & Meaningful Objectives Managers are vital partners in helping employees improve their English skills at work. Without your guidance and feedback, it is extremely difficult for teachers to ...

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Topics: Communication, Management

Storytelling as a Professional Skill...No Matter What Your Job Is.

By Josh Wagner / October 14, 2016

These days storytelling isn’t just for movies and bedtime. Forbes magazine calls storytelling “the new strategic imperative” for business. Everything from marketing to politics gets defined by its ...

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Creating a common company language across your international offices

By Travis Morgan / September 22, 2016

  With about 96% of the world's consumers living outside the United States, it's easy to see why businesses are jumping on the wealth of opportunities in foreign markets. But as offices embrace a ...

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Topics: Communication, Company Culture

Why Language Training Helps Engineers Build Better Products

By Alyssa Conley / August 02, 2016

Software Engineers are brilliant inventors. Their base skills rest on constructing new “grammars,” or, structures that give meaning, to the technical world. A new piece of code is a new piece of ...

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Topics: Communication, Collaboration, Innovation

Encourage Casual Communication to Lead to Innovation

By Ben Spanbock / July 12, 2016

Think back to the last problem your team had to solve in your office. Maybe it was a software bug, maybe an account wanted different work than you had produced, maybe your boss wanted you to do ...

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Topics: Communication, Company Culture, Collaboration, Innovation

The Importance of English Communication Confidence in Agile Retrospectives

By Jenny Tannenbaum / June 30, 2016

Learning quickly from successes and failures is paramount to innovation. For engineering teams tasked with solving complex problems and creating new technologies, mistakes happen often and each is an ...

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Topics: Communication, Software Engineers, Startups