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The Importance of English Communication Confidence in Agile Retrospectives

By Jenny Tannenbaum / June 30, 2016

Learning quickly from successes and failures is paramount to innovation. For engineering teams tasked with solving complex problems and creating new technologies, mistakes happen often and each is an ...

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Topics: Communication, Software Engineers, Startups

Podcast: Improve ROI & Global Business Relationships Via Unique Language Training

By Jenny Tannenbaum / May 17, 2016

When expanding to foreign territories, effective communication can make or break your success. Listen to Lingo Live Tyler Muse and Globig CEO Anke Corbin discuss how companies like Eventbrite, ...

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How to Conduct Guerilla Warfare... I Mean Marketing

By Tyler Muse / May 23, 2013

This is not you....

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By Tyler Muse / March 17, 2013


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Point A to Point B

By Tyler Muse / February 13, 2013

Rather than beginning with an introduction or an assessment on why my opinion matters, I thought it best to begin this blog with a description of my experience, an experience that shaped the ...

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